Permeability of Portland limestone cement concrete


The effect of limestone addition on the air permeability, water permeability, sorptivity, and porosity of limestone cement concrete was investigated. Six Portland limestone cements ( PLCs ) with different limestone content (10–35 wt%) were produced by intergrinding clinker, gypsum, and limestone. A water-to-cement ratio (w/c) of 0.70–0.62 - depending on the cement strength class - was used to prepare concrete of the compressive strength class C20/25 of EN 206-1. A modified commercial triaxial cell for 100-mm-diameter samples was used for the determination of the gas (N2) and the water permeability of concretes. In addition, the sorptivity and porosity of the samples were measured, while thin sections of the concrete specimens were examined by optical microscopy. It is concluded that the PLC concrete indicates competitive properties with the ordinary Portland cement ( OPC ) concrete. The limestone addition has a positive effect on the water permeability and the sorptivity of concrete.  40 refs.


Primary author(s): Tsivilis S; Tsantilas J; Kakali G; Chaniotakis E; Sakellariou A

Source: Cem.Concr.Res.


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