Condition assessment for building stone conservation - a staging system approach


Identification and classification of building stone decay is essential for the development of an informed and appropriate remedial strategy. Making accurate predictions of stone behaviour is difficult, but with improved understanding of decay dynamics it should be possible to forecast likely system behaviour. However, forecasting system behaviour requires classification of the system state with the classification founded on knowledge of the factors that control response. In the context of building stone decay, these controlling factors include: structural properties, mineralogical properties, inheritance effects, contaminant loading and natural change. The rationale underpinning the TNM Staging System, used for patient assessment in medicine, has many similarities with approaches to building stone assessment in that it seeks to impose a more formal structure on condition assessment that provides a commonality of approach, language and meaning and a procedure for forecasting the extent of remedial intervention required and outcome in terms of “life expectancy”.  25 refs.

Primary author(s): Warke P A; Curran J M; Turkington A V; Smith B J

Source: Build.Environ.


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