Technoeconomic assessment of a building-integrated photovoltaic system for electrical energy ...


Photovoltaic ( PV ) installations can be installed on the surfaces of buildings and allow the possibility of combining electrical energy production with other functions of the building structures.  Many countries have set targets for using photovoltaics in the building sector.

The installation, technical characteristics, operation and economic evaluation of a grid-connected building-integrated photovoltaic system ( BIPV ) installed in
Northern Greece, in the city of Kastoria, are described. The technical and economical factors are examined using a computerised renewable energy technologies ( RETs ) assessment tool. A number of different economic and financial feasibility indices are calculated for different financing scenarios to assess the gross return of the investment. Useful conclusions are drawn regarding the feasibility of BIPV systems and their potential for increased energy market penetration.  5 refs.

Primary author(s): Bakos G C; Soursos M; Tsagas N F

Source:  Energy Build.


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