Inferential control scheme for optimising the operation of boilers in multi-zone heating systems


An alternative boiler control system was developed to improve the efficiency of gas or oil fired boiler heating systems in multi-occupancy buildings with no measurement of internal air temperature. Computer simulations were used to develop an inferential control system, in which the overall average room temperature is estimated from available information, including boiler firing signals, the external temperature and solar radiation. The output from the system is fed to a proportional/integral controller which establishes the hot water supply temperature setting. The system was validated by laboratory testing, and by residential testing in Beijing, China. A significant reduction in energy consumption and an improvement in thermal comfort levels were achieved. 11 refs.

Primary author(s): Liao Z;Dexter A L

Source: Build.Serv.Eng.Res.Technol.

             Vol.24, No.4, 2003, p.245-256   




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