Influence of enhanced excavation base stiffness on prop loads and ground movements during ...


The use of piles beneath deep excavations to enhance soil stiffness was studied using a 1:100 scale model in a geotechnical centrifuge. The stress changes resulting from the complex propping and excavation sequence of top-down basement construction were simulated. The introduction of piles to stiffen the ground beneath the excavation formation level reduced horizontal loads by about 30%. Significant reductions in heave at the base of the excavation resulted in reductions of horizontal and vertical ground movements behind the retaining wall. The magnitude of reduction in ground movement was significantly influenced by the number of piles, the effect increasing with time. 8 refs.

Primary author(s): McNamara A M;Taylor R N

Source: Struct.Eng.

             Vol.82, No.4, 2004, p.30-36       




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