Introduction of foaming agent into a clay body for the manufacture of insulating bricks


Several lightweight materials such as expanded clay-based foams with good acoustic and fire- and humidity-resistant properties have been developed alongside traditional bricks and roofing tiles.  Clay foam products were obtained by creating a foaming system within the suspensions.  Mixes consisting of local clay, grog, dispersing agent and foaming  agent (0.2, 0.4 or 0.6%) were prepared, moulded, dried and fired. The foaming medium was prepared from an aromatic hydrocarbon that ionises in water to give a negatively charged ion, which is the surface-active agent responsible for both the solubility and stability of the dispersive medium.  Batch compositions and properties of fired bodies are shown.  The optimum composition was found to be one containing 0.6% foaming agent.

Primary author(s): Chemani H

                            Boumerdes,M’Hamed Bouguerra University

Source: Ind.Ceram.


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