Non-Ventilated Roof Insulation Solution Using Alreflex


One of the current debates in roofing circles centres on the conflict between the need for adequate insulation to increase energy efficiency and the equally pertinent requirements for ventilation to prevent condensation and eventual rot in the fabric of the roof.  Approved Document F allows for an alternative approach to roofing where the traditional ventilated structure is replaced by a non ventilated method.   In this approach, systems must satisfy the requirements specified in BS 5250 ‘Control of Condensation in Buildings’.

The non ventilated Alreflex 2L2 Super-R roofing system from Thermal Economics derives its high insulation properties from the low emissivity of a highly reflective layer of aluminium foil, giving a warm-roof environment which falls under the Approved Document F, Alternative Approach category.  The inner layer of the system acts as a vapour barrier while the outer layer acts as the tile underlay and is permeable by virtue of its open weather lapped joints.  There is a layer of insulation board between the two layers.  All Alreflex 2L2 Super-R roof details can be assessed to BS 5250 on request.

The bubble wrap and foil roofing system can be used for refurbishment, newbuild, and enterprises such as loft conversions and barn conversions.

Source: Thermal Economics
March 2004

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