Hospital waste ashes in Portland cement mortars


Nowadays, most concretes incorporate mineral additions such as pozzolans, fly ash, silica fume, blast furnace slag, and calcareous filler among others. Although the technological and economical benefits are the main reasons for the use of mineral additions, the prevention of environmental contamination by means of proper waste disposal becomes a priority. The chance of incorporating hospital waste ashes in Portland cement-based materials is presented. Ash characterisation was performed by chemical analysis, XRD, radioactive material detection, and fineness and density tests. Conduction calorimetry and setting time tests were developed on pastes including ash contents from 0% to 100%. Mortars were prepared including ash contents up to 50% of cement. The results of setting time, temperature development, flexural and compressive strengths, water absorption, density, and leachability are analysed. Results indicate that Portland cement systems could become an alternative for the disposal of this type of ashes.  30 refs.

Primary author(s): Genazzini C; Zerbino R; Ronco A; Batic O; Giaccio G

Source: Cem.Concr.Res.


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