Excuse me, I'll feel that again – tactile guidance and lighting systems


Tactile guidance and lighting systems have been developed to guide the blind and visually impaired during the emergency evacuation of buildings. Tests were conducted involving people with normal sight and those with a visual impairment under Emergency Lighting, Escape Route Lighting and Wayfinding Provision within a Smoke-filled Interior ( EEWPS ). The best guidance system were panels with a series of raised domes which provided a tactile identification of exit doors, and a wedge shape indicating the direction to travel after passing through the door. The panels were illuminated with a photoluminescent backlight, making them easy to find in low-light conditions. Conventional overhead emergency lighting was the least friendly to the visually impaired.

Source: Build.Eng.

             Vol.79, No.3, 2004, p.20-21       




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