European first


The design and construction of the first fibre-reinforced polymer ( FRP ) public highway bridge in Western Europe are described. The ASSET (Advanced Structural SystEms for Tomorrow's Infrastructure ) project was initiated to develop the FRP technology required to build the new bridge at West Mill in Oxfordshire. The bridge comprises four fibre-reinforced box beams spanning 10 m, with 34 transverse glass fibre-reinforced polymer ASSET profiles bonded to the beams. The diaphragms, parapet edge beam and footways are concrete, and the parapets are of steel. The design was based on BS 5400, using detailed finite element modelling. Bonding on site took place in a controlled environment enclosure. Sensors and strain gauges have been installed for in-service monitoring.

Primary author(s): Luke S

Source: Builder Eng.

             No.109, 2004, p.24,26  




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