Tower based free cooling


Temperature change in the UK has increased the time period for which chillers in tower-based cooling systems may be closed down and the towers operated to provide the chilled water for free cooling during the cooler periods of the year. Direct tower-based free cooling is achieved by interconnecting the chilled water and condenser water circuits, whilst under indirect operation, the chilled water circuit is operated as a closed loop and rejects heat to the cooling towers via a plate heat exchanger. Indirect operation is favoured as it avoids fouling and corrosion. Indirect systems can also be configured to provide mechanical and free cooling simultaneously. The time period over which free cooling is possible may be extended by using chilled ceilings/beams.

Primary author(s): De Saulles T

Source: Build.Serv.J.

             Vol.26, No.3, 2004, p.61-63




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