Building Regulations Approved Document L1 - Conservation of Fuel & Power in Dwellings

This Approved Document, which took effect on 1 April 2002, deals with the following Requirements which are contained in the Building Regulations 2000 (as amended by SI 2001/3335):


L1. Reasonable provision shall be made for the conservation of fuel and power in dwellings by -

  1. limiting the heat loss:
    1. through the fabric of the building;
    2. from hot water pipes and hot air ducts used for space heating;
    3. from hot water vessels
  2. providing space heating and hot water systems which are energy efficient;
  3. providing lighting systems with appropriate lamps and sufficient controls so that energy can be used efficiently;
  4. providing sufficient information with the heating and hot water services so that building occupiers can operate and maintain the services in such a manner as to use no more energy than is reasonable in the circumstances.



  • Performance
  • Introduction to provisions
    • Technical risk
    • Thermal conductivity and transmittance
    • U-value reference tables
    • Calculation of U-values
    • Roof window
    • Basis for calculating areas
    • Air permeability
    • Standard assessment procedure (SAP)
    • Historic buildings

Design and Construction

  • Alternative methods of showing compliance
  • Elemental method
    • U-values for construction elements
    • Heating efficiency
    • Areas for windows, doors and rooflights
    • Extensions to dwellings
    • Summary of provisions in the Elemental Method
    • Target U-value method for new dwellings
    • Optional allowance for solar gains
  • Carbon Index method
  • Constraints when using the calculation procedures
    • Poorest acceptable U-values
  • Limiting thermal bridging at junctions and around openings
  • Limiting air leakage
  • Space heating system controls
    • Zone controls
    • Timing controls
    • Boiler control interlocks
  • Hot water systems
  • Alternative approach for space heating and HWS systems
  • Commissioning of for heating and HWS systems
  • Operating and maintenance instructions for heating and HWS system controls
  • Insulation of pipes and ducts
  • Internal lighting
  • External lighting fixed to the building
  • Conservatories

Work on Existing Dwellings

  • Replacement of controlled services or fittings
  • Material alterations
  • Material changes of use
  • Historic buildings


  • Appendix A : Tables of U-values
  • Appendix B : Calculating U-values
  • Appendix C : U-values of ground floors
  • Appendix D : Determining U-values for glazing
  • Appendix E : Target U-value examples
  • Appendix F : SAP Ratings and Carbon Indexes

Source:   ODPM

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