Concrete Fibre Reinforced Pimple Paving

Utilising patented fibre technology, Marshalls have introduced a paving flag, which looks the same as any other paving flag, but which is manufactured with ‘synthetic’ fibres within the mix.

This type of paving flag gives improved product performance over non reinforced paving (across many performance factors). Incorporating STRUXtm 90/40 synthetic structural fibre reinforcement, the toughness and post failure strength of the concrete flag is vastly increased. 

Features and benefits

Pedestrian paved areas are often subjected to intermittent and occasional vehicle overrun, even when preventative measures are included within the layout of the scheme.

Marshalls’ fibre reinforced paving addresses the failure of non-reinforced units exposed to occasional vehicular overrun. Broken, twisted and uneven flags that can cause the potential danger of trip hazards to pedestrians are dramatically reduced, leading to a safer, more pleasing and fully functioning paved area for all users.

Fibre reinforced paving opens the way to using more interesting flag products with more confidence.  There is an increased choice of materials, plan sizes, textures and colours.   The street scene is improved.

Higher abrasion resistance means the product will wear better. With higher skid and slip properties, close to those of Natural Yorkstone, the pavement is safer to walk on, even after extended periods of use.  Costs and liabilities are reduced.

Although the flags may cost more than standard, unreinforced paving, costs can be recouped by the flexible laying methods which have been found to give the best results for fibre reinforced paving. By laying the slabs on a well-formed sand base, rather than following the current guidelines of providing a rigid concrete base with mortar bed and joints,  savings can be made both on materials and time.

What products are available?

         Stage I : Standard Grey Dimpled Paving

        600x600x63 mm

        600x450x63 mm

         Stage II (during 2004) : Perfecta, Saxon & Conservation products

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by Marshalls.

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