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Pavement damage
Recommended areas for using fibre reinforced paving
Where does the product ‘sit’?

Pavement damage

In March and April 2002, the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment ( CABE ) carried out a survey to look at public attitudes to the built environment. Among the issues addressed was the condition of pavements and street paths. A year later (March 2003), the Mirror reported that councils have to pay out more on compensation for falls on pavements than they do on maintenance.  Living Streets (July 2003) later reported pavement maintenance in the UK to be at a 25-year old low. 



Marshalls have produced a type of paving flag, using fibre reinforcement, designed to address the problems of dangerous and unsightly pavements.  Their research has identified areas of pavement which are most prone to damage and the reasons for this damage. Typically, the area of pavement most likely to suffer cracks and upheaval is the first 1 – 1.5m of pavement along the edge of a road with vehicular traffic.  This is the area which is most prone to vehicular over-run.


Recommended areas for using fibre reinforced paving

Footpaths & pavements where there is:

          Significant chance of ‘non-intended’ vehicular over-run

         Narrow Streets (forcing traffic onto pavements)

         Temporary parking, loading & unloading (outside shops etc)

         Tight or narrow corners & road entrances (forcing traffic onto pavements)

          Significant chance of low volume ‘intended’ vehicular over-run

         Footpaths ‘between’ grass areas (maintenance vehicles)

         Public Houses, Hotels etc – impact loads from goods

Where does the product ‘sit’?

The following diagram shows how and where these fibre reinforced paving flags should be used, by putting them in context with other alternatives such as concrete block and non-reinforced paving, where both rigid and flexible construction methods can be used.

Source: Marshalls

             April 2004


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