Design of slab-column junctions in flat slabs


A new reinforcement system ( termed the NUUL system ) has been developed to provide enhanced resistance to punching failure at the junctions of concrete slabs and columns. The system consists of a steel plate to which crossbars are welded to form a cruciform shape. The column bars pass through a hole in the centre of the plate, which forms the soffit of the slab round the column. Inverted U-shaped bars welded to the plate tie the top reinforcement of the slab, and prevent separation. Preliminary experimental test results for a column of 150 x 150 mm and a slab of 1500 mm square and 150 mm thickness confirmed the robustness of the design. 9 refs.

Primary author(s): Subedi N K;Baglin P S

Source: Proc.Inst.Civ.Eng.Struct.Build.

             Vol.156, No.3, 2003, p.319-331




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