Inflation-Proof Green Energy

Residential developments, and both small and large commercial organisations can reduce CO2 emissions and contribute towards sustainability by using solar photovoltaic ( PV ) panels for electricity generation.

The Government's solar PV grant programme was started in March 2002 to promote the use of solar power, and is managed by the Energy Saving Trust. Ten sq m of PV panel reduces CO2 emissions by at least half a tonne, and a 2 kWp ( kilowatt peak potential ) installation can cut domestic electricity bills by almost half. Systems are reliable and require little maintenance.

The installation of panels gives a clear indication of the developer's environmental commitment, and can help them to comply with forthcoming UK legislation. The grant programme is divided according to the size of the system to be installed, with large commercial organisations being eligible for up to 40% of the installation cost.

Primary author(s): Archibald K

Source: Roofing

            March, 2004, p.12

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