Kryptaglow paints mark evacuation routes when the lights go out


Co-Leash Company announces the release of Kryptaglow Paints, the brightest way to lead people from danger in emergency situations. Kryptaglow “glow in the dark” Paint can help prevent panic from happening in subways, on elevators, or in offices, hospitals, sports arenas, or in industrial environments. It can be used anywhere to aid in saving lives where an evacuation could occur and a clear visible route to safety is important. During an emergency caused by fire or blackout, the most familiar surroundings can become confusing and treacherous to fleeing building occupants. The paramount goal during an emergency is to move occupants swiftly from danger to safety. Providing a clearly marked visible path is vital to avoiding panic and preventing causalities.

Kryptaglow paint, made from the Strontium group of Photoluminescent pigments , emits a magnificent neon glow that can last up to 10 hours allowing it to illuminate in total darkness. While some glow pigments lose their lustre and turn to black quickly in the dark, Kryptaglow paints use a luminescent technology that works by storing energy from light, so when the lights go out, the paint uses the stored light in the pigments to glow. The new photoluminescent pigments are up to ten times brighter and last longer than pigments used in the past.

Kryptaglow glow in the dark paint is ideal for use in many applications from marking hazardous areas in industry where it has been currently utilized, to being of use anywhere where a bright glow paint could help in the event of an emergency or just brighten a dark area. It can easily be applied to virtually any material including concrete, plaster, wood, metal and plastic with a brush, roller or spray gun.


Primary author(s): Kryptaglow

Source: KIBT News

             No 598 10 May 2004

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