Multi-Talented Lighting from Osram


Intelligent electronic control gear Quicktronic Intelligent (QTi) from Osram will make the lives of landlords and lighting planners much easier. Now T5 fluorescent lamps of the same length but with different wattages will all fit in one basic type of luminaire. This will reduce the number of different types of electronic control gear (ECG) and luminaires by around 50 percent.

With its new QTi family, Osram is offering components for operating lamps that will bring major benefits for lighting planners, landlords, operators and luminaire manufacturers alike. T5 fluorescent lamps of the same length but with different wattages can now be operated in a single basic luminaire type. The ECG with its integrated microprocessor automatically detects the lamp and operates it with the correct electrical parameters. Different lighting requirements can therefore be met by one and the same installation. In commercial buildings and rooms in particular, the flexibility that this offers means that the individual lighting requirements of different tenants can be met. Depending on the use to which a room is put, for example as a computer room, fitness studio, office, manufacturing facility or canteen, there will be particular demands on the lighting system. If the landlord has to install new luminaires whenever there is a change of use, the costs could be enormous.

QTi intelligent electronic control gear is tailor-made to tackle this problem. Simply replacing the lamp is all that's needed. The same applies to the dimmable versions with DALI or 1-10 V interfaces. Depending on requirements, T5 lamps of the same length but with different wattages can be operated with one ECG in one basic luminaire type. For the first time it is therefore possible to operate high-output (HO) and high-efficiency (HE) fluorescent lamps with the same control gear.

Uniform cable trees per luminaire type for dimmable ECGs with DALI or 1-10 V interfaces and for non-dimmable ECG make installation much easier, as do the identical dimensions for single-lamp (360 x 30 x 21 mm) versions and for two-lamp versions (423 x 30 x 21 mm). All intelligent ECGs operate with cut-off technology so power losses and operating costs are reduced.

Primary author(s): OSRAM

Source: KIBT News
No 583
29 April 2004

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