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BS EN 771-3:2003. Specification for masonry units - pt.3: aggregate concrete masonry units (dense ..


Characteristics and performance requirements are specified for aggregate concrete masonry units made from dense and lightweight aggregates or a combination of both for which the main intended uses are common, facing or exposed masonry  in loadbearing or non-loadbearing building and civil engineering applications.  The units are suitable for all forms of walling, including single leaf, external leaf to chimneys, cavity, partition, retaining and basement, and can  provide fire protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation and sound absorption.  Units of an overall non-rectangular parallelepiped shape, especially shaped and accessory units, are included.  The performance related to e.g. strength, density, dimensional accuracy is defined, and  the evaluation of conformity of the product is provided for.  Marking requirements are included.

Primary author(s): British Standards Inst.

Source: British Standards Inst.


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