Technological measures for promoting sustainable drying and firing processes in the brick and ...


The possibility of using cereal straw as a biogenic fuel in  brickmaking was studied.  The utilisation of cereal straw as  a renewable form of energy in Europe is briefly examined.  It is shown that the future development of renewable energies will be largely decided by rural economies.  Drawbacks associated with the combustion of straw are considered, and the use of pyrolysis as an alternative to combustion is proposed.  The low-temperature pyrolysis of straw was studied on a pilot scale.  Samples were heated to temperatures up to 500 C in a tube furnace under an inert gas flow.  The carbonisation and degasification processes were analysed.  A plant concept for the pyrolysis and subsequent residue recycling of the degasification product on an industrial scale is described.  The cost of cereal straw is compared with that of natural gas.  It was found that 1 m2 of natural gas with a calorific value of 8.5 kWh/m3 can be substituted by the pyrolysis of a maximum of 2.5 kg straw.

Primary author(s): Rieger W

                            Rieger Anlagentechnik GmbH

Source: ZI Int.


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