Relation between the properties of ceramic products and pore size distribution


An overview is given of the changes that occur in the pore size distribution of dried clay as it is transformed into a ceramic product by firing at high temperatures.  In addition  to the changes that take place in the total porosity or density of the product, the pore size distribution shifts from a fine pore structure to a structure with larger-diameter pores.  This process takes place in several - quite different - ways, depending on the nature of the clay used.  Other topics discussed include the influence of pore size distribution on the various properties of different ceramic products; the effect on frost resistance; the relationship with the impermeability of ceramic roof tiles, and the relationships, still to be verified, between salt efflorescence on brickwork and the pore size distribution of brick and mortar.  4 refs.

Primary author(s): Van Wijck J H

                            Stichting Technisch Centrum voor de Keram.Ind.

Source: Klei/Glas/Keram.


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