Moulding your response to their problem


Mould problems due to water penetration in masonry are discussed, looking at increased awareness of the problem in the USA, and ways by which the industry and masonry contractors can deal with it.  It is suggested that home builders and their subcontractors have not been proactive enough in protecting themselves from water penetration liability; in particular, they have not been vocal enough in  educating the buyer on his/her responsibility to limit mould  growth. One approach is to develop and follow a management programme, termed a Water Intrusion Prevention Protocol (WIPP).  A WIPP is developed for each project and helps alert the home builder and subcontractors about potential moisture problems.  It also shows potential insurance providers that all parties have been proactive in preventing  future claims.  Some suggestions for preventing problems prior to, during, and after construction are noted.   

Primary author(s): Yelton R


Source: Masonry Constr.


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