RIBA Bookshops: Public Spaces Public LIfe - Copenhagan

Jan Gehl & Lars Gemzoe
Danish Architectural Press
March 2004

Code: 05442
96 pages
Price: £24.95

This book describes the remarkable qualitative improvements which have taken place in central Copenhagen over the past 34 years, and how they have been accomplished, and is a handbook on how to create human qualities in the city. The study, “Public Spaces and public life, Copenhagen 1996”, was carried out from 1994-1996 by the Department of Urban Design, School of Architecture, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, as part of the School of Architecture’s participation in Copenhagen’s year as the Cultural Capital of Europe.

The book is split into 4 different sections

  • Part 1. Public Spaces - A report on how streets and squares in the city have developed over the period 1962-1996.
  • Part 2. Public Life- This section contains the results of the surveys documenting how the city center was used in 1995/96.
  • Part 3. Interviews- Looks at who uses the city and what people think about it? The results of over 2,000 street interviews and 1, 000 questionnaires are presented, and include user descriptions of activities and viewpoints.
  • Part 4. Public Spaces – Public Life 1996 A summary of the studies along with opinions and advice about the future development in the city.

Source: RIBA Bookshops

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