Environmental impact analysis for typical office facades


A concept design tool for facades has been developed to enable office building designers to determine the environmental impact of the design and its influence on the internal building environment and the energy usage. This provides performance information at the concept design stage, when it might not normally be available. The design tool is based upon the results of thermal, lighting and environmental modelling of a number of generic office building facades. Following the entry of a minimum number of inputs, key factors such as temperature, lighting levels, and heating/cooling energy demand are calculated. It is shown that natural ventilation and cooling could reduce the environmental effect of offices by up to 16%, but at the expense of an increased heating energy requirement. The environmental impact may be reduced by up to 22% by improving the construction standard of the facades and reducing the internal heat loads. 20 refs.

Primary author(s): Kolokotroni M;Robinson-Gayle S;Tanno S;Cripps A

Source: Build.Res.Inf.

             Vol.32, No.1, 2004, p.2-16


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