Measurement of floor vibrations using a heel drop test


A load cell has been developed to measure the input force applied during the measurement of floor vibrations using the heel drop test. The load cell was developed to counter the criticism that only the floor response is measured in this test, and no measurement of input. The cell, which is portable, consists of four steel load-sensing elements between aluminium alloy plates. Tests using a number of individuals performing the heel drop test while standing on the cell showed that the peak power was achieved at frequencies in the range 2-15 Hz, which is the desirable range. The test procedure gave enhanced frequency resolution and required less time when compared with an instrumented hammer test when measuring the vibration of a 130 mm thickness concrete slab. 8 refs.

Primary author(s): Blakeborough A;Williams M S

Source: Proc.Inst.Civ.Eng.Struct.Build. Vol.156, No.4, 2003, p.367-371

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