CFRP strengthened continuous concrete beams


Reinforced concrete beams 8500 x 150 x 250 mm were strengthened with externally bonded carbon fibre-reinforced polymer ( CFRP ) and the strength measured under three-point-loading. Sheet and plate reinforcement was used, bonded to the concrete beams in different locations using an epoxy adhesive. Peeling was the predominant mode of failure. The beam strengthened with CFRP plates top and bottom exhibited the highest strength. The longitudinal elastic shear stresses at the adhesive/concrete interface at beam failure were close to the limiting value given in Concrete Society Technical Report 55. 16 refs.

Primary author(s): El-Refaie S A;Ashour A F;Garrity S W

Source: Proc.Inst.Civ.Eng.Struct.Build.

             Vol.156, No.4, 2003, p.395-404


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