Acceptance and monitoring of FRP-strengthened concrete structures


The key issues of the Concrete Society Technical Report 57 Strengthening Concrete Structures Using Fibre Composite Materials: Acceptance, Inspection and Monitoring are summarised. It is recommended that inspection is done at all stages of the strengthening process, then routine inspections should be made on an annual basis and detailed inspections less frequently, depending upon the structure. The composite materials may be damaged in service by the environment, fire or accidental mechanical damage. Inspections may be visual or mechanical, and may also involve the testing of sacrificial test zones and monitoring by installed instrumentation. Where appropriate, locally damaged areas may be repaired. 3 refs.

Primary author(s): Clarke J L

Source: Proc.Inst.Civ.Eng.Struct.Build.

             Vol.156, No.4, 2003, p.415-418


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