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MasterFormat, a hierarchical arrangement of subject titles for organising construction project information into a regular, standard, sequential order, is described.  It was established by the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) in 1963, and has been revised several times.  Each subject title in MasterFormat is accompanied by "section numbers" that establish the regular order. Its widespread use aids information retrieval and improves communication among parties in construction projects from a building's concept development to its eventual renovation/demolition. It also greatly helps in completing projects on time, within  budget, and to requirements.  MasterFormat is regularly reviewed and revised by CSI.  The current version is MasterFormat 95.  The extent of revision is largely a response to changes in the construction industry (new materials, techniques and applications).  There is now little room in MasterFormat's 16 divisions, and CSI is planning to update it; however, masonry contractors will still find it easy to navigate.   

Primary author(s): Borgstrom K

                            Construction Specifications Institute

Source: Masonry Constr.


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