Japanese sanitaryware


The Japanese sanitaryware sector is surveyed.  The squat toilet is disappearing, and manufacturers such as Toto Ltd. are marketing almost all types of Western style toilets at a  high growth rate.  The traditional European bidet, in particular, has become very popular, and the response to other high-tech overseas type toilets is growing fast.  Most  of the western type toilets are, however, modified improved versions, especially due to their paperless usage, which is more suited to the Japanese washing and drying habit.  Toto has focused on demand for refurbishment of existing homes, and is planning to maximise its reaches in Japan through various alliances with other manufacturers.  In contrast, Inax Corp. (part of the Tostem Inax Group) provides comprehensive solutions and services for building renovation, and has developed some special types of durable high performance sanitaryware for commercial buildings and condominiums.  Profiles of the two companies are given, and their strategies and performance are examined.  Some statistics are provided.   

Primary author(s): Li H; Xiao H-G; Ou J-P


Source: Asian Ceram.


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