Ceramic tiling pathologies


Recent years have witnessed an increasing distrust of developers, technicians and builders of obtained satisfactory levels of assurance of installed tile products,  in particular, tiled facades and interior stoneware ceramic floor tiles.  Problems associated with these products are addressed, looking at the factors responsible for the defect  or anomaly.  The most frequent causes of these anomalies are  related to the characteristics of the tile bodies, tile-to-tile joint forming habits, ever-larger tile sizes and the difficulty of optimising tile installation.  Interior wall claddings are also briefly examined.  Alternative solutions, which are being increasingly used, and are capable of offering comparable visual appeal and equivalent functional performance, are considered.  23 refs.

Primary author(s): Gomez C D

                            Catalunya,Universidad Politecnica

Source: Qualicer 2004. VIII World Congress on Ceramic Tile Quality.


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