Channelling the forces of nature - human and earth conscious materials may create new waves


The impact of mankind on the global environment is considered, and fundamental ways of thinking about human and  earth conscious manufacturing are addressed.  The need for a  recirculation-based society, and the manufacture of goods with awareness of such a society and with consideration for human beings and the earth as a whole, are discussed.  The application of human and earth conscious manufacturing is then examined by considering two examples, namely, unfired ceramics (breezing materials; indoor climate control by porous materials; use of soil; solidification of soil by hydrothermal processing; performance of hydrothermally solidified soil bodies (earth ceramic bricks and tiles); life in a house of soil; and new functional materials) and stain-free materials.

Primary author(s): Ishida E H

                            INAX Corp.

Source: Qualicer 2004. VIII World Congress on Ceramic Tile Quality.


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