RIBA Bookshops: Pictures of Architecture - Architecture of Pictures

Jaques Herzog, Jeff Wall & Philip Ursprung
Springer Wein New York
May 2004

Code: 36645
128 pages
Price: £14.50

Architecture and the visual arts represent important aspects of our culture and play a vital part in the way society is formed. The series, 'Art and Architecture' aims at providing a forum for dialogue between international architects and artists.

Jacques Herzog and Jeff Wall are among art and architecture’s most successful representatives, and Herzog & de Meuron’s architecture in the art domain (e.g. Tate Modern, London) has, since the 70s, attracted particular attention. This volume covers a conversation between Jacques Herzog and Jeff Wall and is moderated by Philip Ursprung.

Wall, for his part, has repeatedly in his motifs sought dialogue with architecture. His photography of Herzog & de Meuron’s “Dominus Winery” (1999) in California represents the point of departure for a discussion on the relationship between art and photography.

Questions arise as a result on topics such as “photogenic architecture”, the construction of pictures and buildings, and the time factor. This publication is a platform for discussion for two representitives of international art and architecture and provides a compelling insight into the influences each has on the other.

Source: RIBA Bookshops

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