Future specification of cement type, class and water/cement ratio. Part 3: Evaluation of cement ...


It is proposed that a new standard is required to replace the restrictive scope of Annex A ( Normative ) in BS 8500-2: 2002, to cover conformity procedures and methods for the evaluation of cementitious efficiency for approved secondary main constituents and additions. Issues discussed include: determination of the strength of clinker and addition combinations using efficiency factors ( c-factor ); the evaluation of addition water demand ( wd-factor ); and the effect of additions on water demand and strength. Worked examples are given for the determination of the optimum mix, by calculating the cost of various options which satisfy requirements for consistence, free-water/cement ratio and strength. 21 refs.

Primary author(s): Owens P;Newman J

Source: Concrete

             Vol.38, No.4, 2004, p.50-53


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