ASTM Standards for engineered wood products. Focus on glulam, I-joists, and structural composite ...


The development of ASTM standards for structural glued laminated timber ( glulam ), prefabricated wood I-joists and structural composite lumber is outlined. Glulam consists of kiln-dried timber laminations, the American consensus standard for manufacturing being ANSI A190.1-2002, and the ASTM Standard, Standard Practice for Establishing Stresses for Structural Glued Laminated Timber is D 3737. I-joists are usually manufactured using selected grades of end-jointed solid-sawn timber or full-length structural glued laminates for the flanges and structural-use wood panels for the web. Wood I-joists are mainly used as roof and floor joists, and are covered by the consensus standard ASTM D 5055. Structural composite lumber is a generic term for a number of wood composite products, including laminated veneer lumber and parallel strand lumber. These products are manufactured with the wood fibre oriented along the length of the member. There is no consensus manufacturing standard, but ASTM D 5456 Specification for Evaluation of Structural Composite Lumber Products, has been recognised by the model building codes in the US and Canada.

Primary author(s): Yeh B

Source: ASTM Stand.News

             Vol.31, No.6, 2003, p.32-35


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