Corus Calls for Guarantee Checks - Principles of a Good Guarantee

Corus Colors, the UK’s leading manufacturer of pre-coated steels, has given advice to specifiers, contractors and, particularly, building owners to check manufacturers’ guarantees carefully.

When checking a guarantee, Corus recommends that the guarantee should:

  • Offer a clear-cut definition of the inclusions and exclusions
  • Give clear guidance on coastal variations for the product performance
  • Allow the free registration to be issued directly to the building owner and then transferred should the building be sold
  • Offer complete restoration in the event of a claim
  • Have a simple and straightforward durability statement
  • Remain valid even without mandatory-recorded maintenance

A written guarantee provides a legally binding contract between the manufacturer of the product and the guarantor. Guarantees are usually validated by registration and the guarantee certificate will detail the extent of liability and methods of rectification in the event of failure. This is in contrast to performance statements, which are an estimation of life expectancy contained in the general literature for a product. These statements are guidelines only and do not offer support should the product fail to perform as suggested.

Always look to work with suppliers who take full responsibility for the performance of their products and insist that your developments have the backing of a comprehensive guarantee that does not rely upon the existence of the contractual chain.

Corus cites its own valuable, industry renowned Confidex® guarantee as an example of transparency.

Primary author(s): Communique PR

Source: KIBT News

            No 644 June 10 2004

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