HOGEN® RE hydrogen generator plays important role in Eco-house


For the past six months, Proton Energy Systems’ HOGEN RE (Renewable Energy) hydrogen generator has played a critical role in powering the first fully sustainable house in the world that runs entirely on hydrogen.

Malaysia's Eco-House, an ambitious Solar-Hydrogen powered home sited at the University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) in Bangi, Malaysia, utilizes a photovoltaic (PV) electricity production and storage system in conjunction with Proton's HOGEN RE hydrogen generator and a fuel cell to capture, store, and regenerate the electricity necessary to power household appliances.

Sunlight gathered by 42 PV panels located on the roof of the house is converted into electricity, which in turn feeds the HOGEN RE hydrogen generator inside the house. The HOGEN RE generator uses that electrical energy to electrolyze water, producing oxygen and hydrogen. The hydrogen is then stored in a 1,500-litre vertical storage tank at 13.8 bars. When needed, the stored hydrogen is used to feed a fuel cell that powers the household appliances.

Proton's HOGEN RE hydrogen generator is designed to make maximum use of intermittent renewable energy supply. It may be powered through either 100 percent renewable energy sources, such as solar, wind or wave-generated electricity, or any percentage combination of renewable and grid power.

The unit continuously and automatically adjusts for changing renewable power input to maximize hydrogen production. Proton's HOGEN RE hydrogen generator has a maximum output capacity of up to 40scf/hr or up to 1.0Nm3/hr.


Primary author(s): Pita Communications Press Release

Source: KIBT News

             No 644 June 10 2004

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