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Help Us Save a Life
H3S’s Vision


Fire Safety Lights

During a fire, people's sensory perceptions are extra alert. They can hear the alarm, smell the choking smoke and feel for familiar objects around them. However, they find it hard to see. Very quickly the person starts to become disoriented! Vision for direction is very crucial if a swift and safe evacuation of the area is to be successful.

Help Us Save a Life

This article talks about a product designed to save the lives of people as many people die in fires, because of becoming disoriented in their own environment. They were unable to see through the smoke to escape out of their familiar surroundings.

H3S’s AlightForLife is a low-level fire safety light that sets the boundaries in Fire Safety offering simple, clear and bright light. It is the perfect solution for a safer means of escape.

AFL/HOS1 product

AFL/HOS1 product to support AlightForLife where wall space is not available.

Clearly visible in dark areas

Clearly visible in dark areas, lighting the way to safety.

H3S’s Vision

At Lite4Life, they were not too sure about the concept of fixing emergency lights at high level to aid a safe escape in case of a fire. As with any fire, smoke will rise to the room’s highest part thus making the lighting ineffective (smoke logging). This in turn will result in delays for people attempting to escape, and then disorientation occurs, which can end in injuries or death. Moreover, this can cause delays for firefighting personnel when orienteering in fire conditions.

Life preservation is the forefront to H3S’s design of AlightForLife, which was designed to aid safe escape and firefighting. The first challenge was where to install AlightForLife. Following thorough investigation and the technical knowledge of the company’s team, it was decided that the product should be fitted at low level, at a maximum height of 400 mm from the floor, this would offer suitable help for safe egress below a smoke layer. The second challenge was how to guarantee AlightForLife is aware that a fire has started.

H3S has a range of versions in production for a variety of fire policies in buildings, where smoke detection is fitted. A patent pending wireless listening device within the light fitting continuously monitors for alarm actuation, on hearing the alarm AlightForLife will illuminate and visibly light the path to safety.

H3S also provides a system that functions within non-fire detected zones i.e. standard needs building with communal areas (stay put policy). This can also work on volt free signaling to the light directly from a fire alarm system, or any system that can work via volt-free signaling.

Equally stylish in luxury homes.

Equally stylish in luxury homes.


AlightForLife at low-level to assist with signage guiding to final exits.


AlightForLife guiding workers to exits on construction sites.


  • Formed in ABS plastic for low flammability
  • A directional LED light that actuates by sensing the sound of smoke sounders, or via a non-sounding smoke head in communal parts of general needs buildings (stay put policy)
  • Integral intelligent self-test facility with visible warning LEDs for easy maintenance
  • The directional LED arrow can be fixed to flash for a more visible effect, suitable at final exit
  • Ideal for surface and flush mounting on walls and surfaces
  • Emergency light features for up to eight hours, selectable drain down times can be fixed to avoid deep discharge on the battery in the audio version. Excess of 40 hours in volt-free version.
  • Back mounting plates and cages available for building sites, heavy traffic areasand plant rooms that are devoid of walls
  • Switchable daylight sensing facility (audio only)
  • Strip version also available for light only and not directional if required
  • Fully CE approved
  • 110 v option available in yellow

AlightForLife can be manufactured in any color to match the environment where it is to be installed.



AlightForLife is the first light of its kind and Lite4Life believes it deserves a place under its own banner of Fire Safety Light. It not only illuminates in smoke and fire situations automatically, it will also illuminate when there is a power failure in the building. It also has the ability to be maintained, non-maintainings under BS 5266. Equally alters status on triggering in emergency situations.

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