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  • Article - 8 May 2003
    Building Regulations Amendments (2000) to the Approved Documents - Contents list and associated pdf files
  • Article - 2 Apr 2003
    Mould (or fungus) on exterior brick walls is a growing concern in the USA. The primary reason for mould growth is poor workmanship and a failure to follow Building Industry Association guidelines....
  • Article - 1 Apr 2003
    Scientists have found a use for the portion of glass that is unsuitable for recycling. Concretes with crushed glass contents as high as 20% have been found to suitable for use in bike paths,...
  • Article - 27 Mar 2003
    Lead (Pb) has been around since the times of Exodus. Native lead does occur in nature, however, it is rare.
  • Article - 25 Mar 2003
    The use of rubber and plastic materials in buildings, both for construction and decoration, continues to increase, particularly as architects, designers and builders appreciate their advantages in...