Preferred Building Materials for Residential Building Construction in Australia is Timber

Timber is one of the most preferred building materials for residential building construction in Australia. On-going research and development by the Timber Industry has maintained this preferred position through the provision of innovative and cost effective design and construction information.

For single dwelling construction, Australian Standard AS1684 is the universal text for structural design and recommended building practices using timber. Funding by FWPRDC enables this Standard to be continually updated to reflect changing design needs and technological developments.

For townhouses, units, flats, etc the Building Code of Australia permits the use of Multi-Residential Timber Framed Construction (MRTFC). Research and Development through FWPRDC pioneered the introduction of this construction technology, now widely used.

Source: The Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation

For more information on this source please visit The Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation

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