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New Color Palettes from PPG Pittsburgh Paints

Color is back in a big way, according to PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ color forecast for home décor in 2011-2012. Homeowners will gravitate towards bold, bright, bodacious color in the home, instead of the predominant grays and beiges of past years.

The company’s color experts see a renewed focus on individual expression, manifested in such highly personal color choices as lipstick red, aqua, and poetic blue. These are just a few of the 20 paint colors presented in four new “Wow Color Now” palettes from PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ The Voice of Color® program, which sets the stage for a vibrant 2011 and 2012.

“The mood today is one of triumph over adversity,” says Dee Schlotter, Brand Manager, The Voice of Color, PPG Pittsburgh Paints. “Despite the challenges that Americans have faced recently, our need to succeed prevails. It’s a triumph of the individual and of personal expression, and there’s no better way to express yourself than with the transformative power of color in your home.”

Glamour is mysterious, sophisticated, sensual, and intricate

Two societal trends are driving these trends in color, says Schlotter. The first is a new level of consumer sophistication as design becomes democratized, aided by people’s ever-increasing ability to decipher and disseminate information in real-time.The second is the quest for authenticity in a world where knock-offs are pervasive and instantaneous.

“The home is becoming a lab for new technologies and new looks,” says Schlotter. “We keep what works, and start over when it doesn’t. But always, the search is on for what’s real and honest.”

Because a trend is never about just one color but rather about all the colors in a room or space, Schlotter notes, The Voice of Color creates signature five-color card that expresses the mood of each new palette and offers colors for paint, fabrics, flooring and accessories. The four new “Wow Color Now” palettes in PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ The Voice of Color® program for 2011-2012 are:

The soul of this palette is warm and authentic. It fuses the ancient, the mythological, the raw, and the primitive with a highly technical and minimalist modern-day aesthetic. A mix of ethnic exoticism and modern urban sophistication, this style befits the grown-up taste of a true citizen of the world. This palette is the most muted and grounded, organic rather than adorned. It blends light and dark woods, burnished leather with raw utilitarian stitching, and deep browns and natural charcoal stones.

The palette is refined but essentially basic and showcases the colors of materials with rich earthy qualities—leather, minerals, wood, and fur—enabling their natural beauty, grain, and texture to emerge. PPG Pittsburgh Paints colors include Cracked Slate, Silver Bells, Gypsum, Oregon Trail and Chaparral.

With a focus on the “amour,” Glamour is mysterious, sophisticated, sensual, and intricate. It’s déjà vu from a contemporary perspective; always intentional, never shy. Slightly theatrical, conjuring an atmosphere of a new-age Sleeping Beauty, Glamour’s take on pattern is bold and sharp, with plays on negative space to constantly surprise and delight.

The palette incorporates glorious neutrals inspired by the most sumptuous materials, and inspires thoughts of time-worn limestone, starkly modern crystal, magnificent black marble, the warmest gold and other color-infused metallics. PPG Pittsburgh Paints colors include Dark as Night, Timber Beam, Angel Food, Almond Cream, and Rum Runner.

NEW Bohemia
Personality exudes from every inch of New Bohemia through a whimsical sense of design, a rebirth of craft, and the appearance of secondhand objects and other quirky and nostalgic elements. It’s a vintage aesthetic for a contemporary age, at once authentic, romantic, imaginative, and poetic— it positions the room as a discovery center or personal scrapbook. The style is gypset, fusing the ease and carefree lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophistication of the jet set.

With fantasy, fairytale, floral prints as an inspiration, color is innocently romantic and untamed. PPG Pittsburgh Paints colors include Red Cedar, Happy Trails, Hat Box Brown, Green Wave, and Aqua Fiesta.

The green movement grown up, UPcycle is about living simply with beautiful, useful, and sustainable objects. It is a philosophy steeped in the desire for clarity, function, and craftsmanship; it repudiates wastefulness and embraces the authentic, the meaningful, and the simply fun. Honest yet elegant, UPcycle is optimistic, clever, and proactive.

The palette is simple, honest, and upbeat, as the colors coordinate with wood, basic yarns, wool, cotton, untreated metals, and simply glazed ceramics in tone-on-tone. A color-blocking effect injects the dose of “up” into this color cycle and lights up pale wood tones. PPG Pittsburgh Paints colors include Brown Basket, Allspice, Gold Buff, Chalkware, and Adventure.

Finally, it’s important for designers to know about the upcoming trends, says Schlotter, because their clients certainly will. Consumers are becoming savvier every day, says Schlotter. They notice and instantly assess the aesthetics around them, from the coffee shop they visit to the airport they travel through to the tissue box they buy.

The “Wow Color Now” color palettes, as well as the nearly 2,000 colors from The Voice of Color, are available in any of PPG Pittsburgh Paints’ paint lines, including environmentally responsible PPG Pure Performance®. PPG Pure Performance is a premium quality paint that has zero VOCs and features minimal odor during application and drying.


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