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Hitachi Pioneers the Sliding Miter Saw Landscape Once Again

Hitachi Power Tools today announced its new 12” sliding dual compound miter saw, the C12LSH featuring a revolutionary compact slide system that requires zero rear clearance, a top-mounted digital LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) scale that guarantees precision and Hitachi’s patented laser marker for cutting accuracy.

Hitachi is continuing to pioneer the miter saw landscape by engineering the latest technology to improve performance and reliability. From the company that introduced the concept of sliding miter saw technology over 10 years ago is the latest innovation to improve function even further. The innovative compact slide system from Hitachi is unlike traditional models that require over 12 inches of clearance behind the tool to accommodate the extension of the sliding rails. Now, with the C12LSH, the sliding arm moves along fixed rails, enabling the saw to sit nearly flush against a wall on a bench top without compromising the range of movement. The Cl2LSH eliminates the need for large work areas that a conventional slide saw would occupy.

The top-mounted LCD scale digitally displays miter and bevel readings allowing the user to quickly and accurately set both the bevel and miter angles. A backlight button can be activated on the scale to improve visibility when working in dimly lit areas. The LCD display is able to swivel in all directions allowing the user to view the reading from nearly any position. Hitachi’s patented laser marker accurately indicates where the blade will cut on the material. It is controlled by a micro-dial that adjusts the true laser line to the right or left of the cut depending on the user’s preference.

Unlike other manufacturers, Hitachi’s laser is not mounted to the arbor. The laser on the C12LSH is projected even when the blade is not spinning, improving safety and flexibility. The C12LSH is powered by a 15Amp, belt driven motor with 1,850 Watts of Max Output Power to smoothly cut through hardwoods saving time and blade wear. A dual aluminum flip fence stands at a height of 4-11/16” to allow crown molding to be cut vertically for convenience.

To save time and eliminate costly mistakes, Hitachi incorporated micro bevel and micro miter adjustment capability into the C12LSH. The main bevel and miter handles are used for big adjustments, and then the micro adjustment knobs are used to dial-in to precise angles. The C12LSH miter ranges from 0-57 degrees right to 0-46 degrees left. The bevel ranges 0-45 degrees both to the right and left, for a broader range of cuts. Miter angles can be quickly adjusted using Hitachi’s thumb actuated positive stops. An Elastomer grip covers the saw’s horizontal handle. This reduces vibration, while adding comfort and preventing slippage. An externally accessible carbon brush makes for quick and easy changes.

The new miter saw reflects the aggressive new ergonomic design being implemented by Hitachi Power Tools. Hitachi is pioneering yet another new trend in the industry- tools that incorporate the latest technology with ergonomic design- a look that will modernize the traditional workshop or jobsite. The Hitachi C12LSH comes complete with a 12” TCT Saw blade, dust bag, vice assembly and box wrench. It can cut a 4”x12” in half with one pass; a testament to its ability to cut larger stock suitable for a range of applications like decking and installing crown molding. The C12LSH is the top of the line sliding dual compound miter saw ideal for trim carpenters, framers and woodworkers who demand precision and reliability. It is compatible with Hitachi’s Universal workstation.

Also available, the C12RSH 12” Sliding Dual Compound Miter saw with Laser Marker.

For more information including the full line of Hitachi products and support, please contact Hitachi Power Tools at 1-800-829-4752 or visit

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