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Rmax Launches Thermasheath-SI Structural Insulation Solution

Rmax Operating, LLC of Dallas, Texas specializes in offering solutions for building insulations. The company aims to produce products that deliver optimal R-values and minimal environmental impact.

Rmax - Thermasheath-SI Residential Building Solution

The company has already released ECOMAXci Wall Solution in June of this year. The product is useful in the construction of buildings and has set a new trend in the construction market.

The company is proud to release Thermasheath-SI Structural Insulation, a second in the line of insulation products. Greg Fantin, the Vice President of Rmax’s marketing division, reported that the concept of structural insulated sheathing is entirely new in the residential building design and he hopes that the release of Thermasheath-SI will cater to the needs of the growing demand for insulation products.

The Thermasheath-SI satisfies the structural and energy code requirements and qualifies for LEED credits. It features Rmax POLYISO foam insulation that enhances closed-cell reflection. This along with the reinforced with aluminum foil facers create a radiant barrier to provide structural stability to withstand lateral bracing and transverse loads.

Mr. Fantin said that the Thermasheath-SI is an “all-in-one” product that not only acts as an air and water barrier but also offers room for continuous installation and structural bracing. The product does not require any OSB sheathing. It is exclusively designed for the benefit of builders who can reduce their building and labor cost. It also helps in lowering energy consumption, thus increasing the profit of the builders.



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