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Honeywell Enovate Blowing Agent to Help Insulate Exclusive Sun River St. George Development in Utah

Honeywell announced today that its Enovate blowing agent, which is used in rigid closed-cell insulating foam, will be offered by Sun River St. George Development to insulate the roofs, walls and other structural areas of up to 1,700 new homes.

The development is an upscale retirement community in St. George, Utah, with homes ranging in size from 1,400 to 3,000 square feet. Honeywell's innovative technology was selected over competing products because it has superior insulation performance, is non-flammable and does not harm the ozone layer, according to insulation contractor Buck Howard.

"The main benefit from using closed cell spray foam with Enovate is that it provides significant energy cost savings when heating and cooling a home," said Howard. "It also helps prevent the spread of dust and allergens by inhibiting airflow outside of the home, and offers a sound barrier to outside noises. These features are important to future Sun River homeowners."

Howard, who previously used cellulose insulation, was so impressed with the benefits of closed cell spray foam that he decided to start his own company, Integrity Insulation, based solely on the technology. Utah often experiences temperatures exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the summer months.

"Without closed cell spray foam, cooling costs can be very expensive in this area," said Howard. Spray foam for the Sun River St. George Development is supplied by Resin Technology, a division of the Henry Company, a leading producer of roofing systems and construction products. Resin Technology is based in Ontario, Calif.

"Home builders and buyers alike are increasingly discovering the wide range of benefits of closed-cell spray foam that uses Enovate," said Ken Gayer, Global Business Manager for Foam Blowing Agents at Honeywell.

"Enovate is the 'active ingredient' which allows the foam to expand and remains in the foam to provide exceptional thermal properties."

Honeywell Enovate is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC), which improves foam spraying performance and does not harm the ozone layer. Homes insulated with spray foam using Enovate offer a wide range of advantages and benefits, including reduced air infiltration, better moisture and condensation control, better structural stability, and less energy usage for heating and cooling.

Such homes also can be served by smaller heating and air conditioning units and, in most cases, a separate vapor barrier is not necessary.

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