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Minnesota Department of Transportation Approves Terra Novo's EarthGuard Fiber Matrix

Terra Novo, a leading manufacturer of erosion- and sediment-control products, is pleased to announce that the company's innovative EarthGuard Fiber Matrix has been accepted by the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MN/DOT) as an HECP, Hydraulic Matrix, Type Fiber Reinforced Matrix and placed on its official approved products list.

Terra Novo adds MN/DOT to the growing number of state transportation departments across the U.S. that are embracing the rigorously tested and cost-effective spray-on emulsion formulated to reduce erosion and sediment runoff during all phases of construction projects.

The MN/DOT sent the following statement to confirm EarthGuard's acceptance: "MN/DOT has completed its review of EarthGuard Fiber Matrix. EarthGuard Fiber Matrix has been accepted on to MN/DOT's Approved Products List as a HECP, Hydraulic Matrix, Type Fiber Reinforced Matrix." This approval indicates EarthGuard is pre-approved for use on MN/DOT projects.

"MN/DOT is one of many departments of transportation under increasing pressure to develop plans that not only incorporate environmental compliance and sustainability in order to avoid heavy fines and penalties, but also to reduce costs related to ever-expanding road rehabilitation projects that continue to mount due to the effects of harsh winter freezes and spring thaws on roads and highways," says Terra Novo president, Scott Harrison. "From California to Virginia and Georgia to North Dakota, more and more industries -- particularly transportation -- are turning to Earth Guard Fiber Matrix, one of the most environmentally safe, cost-effective products available. As a company committed to providing green solutions that support sustainable development, it is gratifying to know we are making a difference and raising industry standards."

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix is a patented technology, which combines EarthGuard -- a spray-on emulsion that reduces erosion and sediment runoff -- and wood/cellulose fiber to form a matrix that provides extended erosion control protection in even the most severe situations. It is chemically engineered to be effective at low rates while absorbing the impact of raindrops and providing immediate dust control, erosion control and soil stabilization until permanent vegetation is established or construction has resumed. EarthGuard Fiber Matrix's versatility allows it to be highly effective in many applications: erosion control, slope stabilization, dust abatement, landscape design, reclamation, storm water runoff protection, fire/burn rehabilitation, land development and golf-course construction.

EarthGuard Fiber Matrix works by creating a liquid net, providing soil aggregate protection, flocculating fine sediments and controlling splash erosion. It stops the breakdown of erosion forces in the dirt rather than simply blanketing the soil, as a flexible growth medium or bonded fiber matrix (BFM) does. Because it works on the soil rather than on mulch or synthetic fibers, users save on cost without compromising performance. Competitors' spray-on blanket products must cover 100% of a surface area in order to work. EarthGuard covers more area in a shorter amount of time and naturally spreads to untreated areas, requiring significantly less product and labor.

Uncontrolled erosion can have significant environmental and financial implications for road construction projects, which continue at an accelerated rate throughout the U.S. Recently evaluated by the American Association of State Highway Transportation Officials' National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP), EarthGuard FM posted one of the organization's best ever results in slope protection tests at application rates lower than its competitors and is now cleared for use in states where departments of transportation conform to NTPEP standards.

Terra Novo's patented, university-tested and worksite-proven products are distributed in all 50 states and Canada and exported internationally. Its products are available in the Minnesota region through the Brock White Company, a leading distributor of construction materials based in St. Paul, MN. For more information, visit

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