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Homeowners are Preparing their Yards and Outdoor Gazebos to Weather the Winter

This fall, you will find people everywhere are spending time readying their yards for winter. Most homeowners are familiar with the importance of preparing the home's landscape for winter so that, the yard and garden are in great shape come spring. A quick scan of the neighborhood and you will see friends and neighbors hard at work trimming, raking, pruning, planting bulbs, mulching, and transplanting.

Oftentimes, homeowners forget that it is just as important to spend time preparing the deck and outdoor gazebo for winter. In fact, spending time in the fall, can take the hard work out of spring cleaning as well as significantly extending the life span of these investments.

"Everyone seems to think of landscaping duties, but neglects the maintenance of their yard structures like their outdoor gazebo, pergola and deck. Actually, just a small investment in time before the cold winter weather can really improve the look and extend the life of an outdoor gazebo, deck or pergola," explains Cheryl Scordato from Leisure Woods.

Outdoor gazebos and other yard structures are extremely popular because they provide the perfect space for eating, relaxing and visiting with friends. Since these structures are a significant investment, wise homeowners heed the recommendations of Leisure Woods for fall gazebo maintenance.

First off, it's important to take a broom and sweep away all leaves, branches, and pine needs that might be on the roof or walls of the gazebo. Then, take a hose and clean out all the debris between the boards. Dirt can build up so it is important to remove it regularly.

If any mildew is found, remove it immediately to avoid long-term damage. In addition, evaluate whether the outdoor gazebo needs a new coat of stain. It's best off to do this early in the season, as you want to adhere to the temperature recommendations for applying stain.

With the fall maintenance and repairs taken care off, come spring when the weather warms up, the homeowner will have time to enjoy their deck and gazebo and to tackle other yard projects.

If the homeowner decides it's time to upgrade or replace their current outdoor gazebo, companies like Leisure Woods are available to help find the best structure that compliments the landscape and meets the individual needs of the homeowner.

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