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More Economical, Affordable, Stronger and Safer Housing With New Technology

When building a home, the words "strength" and "safety" go nicely together, though they aren't often used in tandem with the words "economical" and "affordable" - particularly for those living in the Midwest. Residents building in the Midwest have always been justifiably sensitive to the possibilities of tornados and life-threatening storms. It's a way of life, so safety precautions are always of concern, particularly for those who don't have a basement. For many, building a basement is simply cost-prohibitive, leaving homeowners feeling exposed to Mother Nature's potential wrath. But now, there is a new alternative on the market, one that truly combines strength and safety with economical and affordable.

Consider this: a new system built home, utilizing modular construction with a slab foundation, and a concrete safe room built as part of the slab. The benefits are plenty, beginning with the cost savings recognized by 1) building modular and 2) not building a full "traditional" basement (plus, for those living in a flood zone, there is no need to worry about water in the basement). Not only is there a savings consideration, there are the standard benefits of higher quality, better code standards, faster construction time, finance savings and ultimately, a better home for the investment. Couple that with the safety of knowing that a concrete safe room is only a few steps away in your home, and, well, it's a no brainer.

While this sounds simple and easy, it wasn't until recently that a company in Osage City, Kansas found the solution and put all the pieces together. KanBuild, Inc., a producer of system built modular homes, multi family and commercial structures, found the answer. Until this point, their homes always came with a floor system, because that's the way modular homes are built. Having a floor built into a modular home is a necessity, if it's going to be placed on a basement/foundation. It doesn't make sense, however, if it is being placed on a slab. Kan Build's fresh approach and new technology allows the company to ship their homes without a floor system for the ground level.

Traditional slab type construction has been a plus for many years, because of its ability to achieve affordable housing and accommodate mobility challenges, while also allowing you to build in high water table areas or on ground not stable enough to support a basement. This new technology can also be applied in two story projects, as well as "no step" residential and commercial applications, and promises widespread possibilities for new homeowners building system built homes.

"KanBuild has always been an innovator, and this is yet another great example," said KanBuild Sales and Marketing Manager, Ryan Scott. "Aside from the obvious safety and cost benefits of this system, additional advantages include accessibility, increased air quality and reduced structural maintenance. We intend not only to utilize this system ourselves, but to market the technology to other system builders."

Housing companies across the nation are asking the million-dollar question, "How did you do that?" The answer is available for slightly less, according to KanBuild President, Quintin Robert. "There are many considerations, including construction, shipping, set, and even additional products, that are normally shipped loose when you don't have a floor, said Robert. This is a holistic approach to the problem that combines several existing technologies, and a few new innovations. The key is blending them together, and we've found that key." For additional information on KanBuild Homes check out their website at:

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