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PVC Garage Floor Tiles Offer Unbeatable Strength and Durability

Consumers now have an easy decision on which type of garage flooring to choose. NORSK-Stor™ garage floor tiles are made from PVC, which offers unbeatable strength and durability but still compete with the price of polypropylene products. NORSK-Stor™, from the Parallax Group International, combined the best traits of all garage floor products available and engineered them into one amazing garage floor tile.

JNK Products LLC, a leader in the garage flooring industry, feels strongly about NORSK-Stor™ PVC garage floor tiles. The staff at JNK Products, LLC and The Parallax Group worked tirelessly to get this new product line up and running so that it is available to consumers quickly. JNK Products, LLC is leading the way in offering NORSK-Stor™ PVC garage floor tiles at competitive prices. At under $3.00 per square foot, NORSK-Stor™ tiles will both beat the price and performance of any other garage floor tile available on the market. And because of their 18.3" square size, you won't have to buy or install as many NORSK-Stor™ tiles as you would have to with competitors.

The Parallax Group chose to add their own twist to garage floor tile designs. NORSK-Stor™ tiles are available in Raised Coin, Raised Diamond, Ventilated and Sport-Mat. The Raised Diamond is unlike any other diamond tile pattern you will ever see, which is why it is patent pending. It offers a unique variation on one of the most common designs available. Ventilated tiles allow consumers to have all of the benefits of a NORSK-Stor™ PVC tile that is designed to help with the drainage of liquid and debris. Sport-Mat PVC tiles adds rugged Rhino-Tec™ texture, which makes it easier to withstand the punishment it can take in areas like gyms, children's play areas, weight rooms, exercise rooms, etc.

The reason The Parallax Group decided to design NORSK-Stor™ tiles from PVC is to allow consumers to have the best characteristics of both garage floor mats and garage floor tiles, without having to choose between the two of them. PVC offers unrivaled strength, flexibility, cushion and appearance. NORSK-Stor™ garage floor tiles are available in a variety of colors and all four designs can be used to combine a customized garage flooring system. And with the patented Mushroom Tooth locking system, NORSK-Stor™ PVC garage floor tiles are easy to install and will stay that way. The Parallax Group also put dedication into engineering a superior sub-structure to the NORSK-Stor™ tiles. While some garage floor tile companies focus more on the surface of their tiles, NORSK-Stor™ tiles are made with patented Air-Dry™ technology, which allows air to flow underneath the tiles and moisture to escape. NORSK-Stor™ PVC garage floor tiles are so smooth that you won't hear or feel your steps. NORSK-Stor™ PVC garage floor tiles are made to be seen, not heard.

The Parallax Group designed NORSK-Stor™ PVC Garage floor tiles to share their inspiration with you. Their aim is to exceed your expectations and they have done just that with the NORSK products. The pioneering methods and patented features shows that The Parallax Group has worked hard to distinguish themselves from the lower standard of mass produced products in the market. NORSK-Stor™ is designed to be easy to use, look great and simplify your daily life.

"We are extremely pleased to partner with JNK Products, LLC in launching this innovative new product line into the market. After only a few conversations with Justin Krauss at JNK Products, LLC it quickly became clear to us that they were not only well positioned as a leading online retailer for garage flooring, but they instantly grasped our vision for the future of the marketplace for NORSK-Stor™ garage flooring products. When we saw their enthusiasm for our products and our shared guiding business principles of honesty and integrity coupled with an uncompromising commitment in providing customers with real tangible WOW factor, we felt very comfortable in letting them take the lead on the NORSK-Stor™ product launch. Simply stated JNK Products, LLC "GETS IT" stated Bruce A. Thrush, President/CEO of The Parallax Group International, LLC.

And JNK Products, LLC is excited to be in on the ground floor getting this product on the market. "The NORSK-Stor™ PVC garage floor tile is an affordable option for the garage floor consumer who wants to combine the best features of PVC garage floor mats and polypropylene garage floor tile. They provide the cushion, quietness, flexibility and seamless appearance of a garage floor mat while allowing air infiltration and flexibility in design like a garage floor tile. We are so impressed with the product that we have invested tens of thousands of dollars in inventory and marketing to get this product to market" stated Justin Krauss, Managing Member, JNK Products, LLC.

NORSK-Stor™ PVC garage floor tiles are available through JNK Products, LLC and, which are both authorized NORSK-Stor™ Dealers. To find out more about NORSK-Stor™ PVC garage floor tiles, visit

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