Beam and Block Floor Systems

Celcon manufactures a wide range of quality aircrete products, available in a variety of grades and dimensions, and all conforming to BS 6073. This is the excellence of Celcon aircrete.

Celcon Aircrete for Conventional Beam and Block Floors

Celcon blocks can be used as the infill material for conventional beam and block floors in dwellings at both ground and upper floor levels.

AZoBuild - Building Technology - Celcon Aircrete Products being used in florring systems

Benefits of Using Celcon Aircrete Products for Beam and Block Floor Systems

Beam and block floor systems have a number of proven advantages over other forms of floor construction:

  • Dry construction shortens build time and ensures accurate costings are possible, as there are no extras before the site work commences
  • The floor is easy to grout, giving an immediate safe working platform for either traditional or framed construction (ground floor)
  • Bad weather delays are minimised

Benefits of Using Celcon Aircrete Products for Suspended Floor Systems

In addition, the use of Celcon blocks within the suspended floor offers distinct advantages over aggregate blocks:

  • Reduced heat loss from significantly better thermal conductivity.
  • Potential cost savings by minimising other forms of insulation and labour.
  • Lower dead weight allows longer beam spans or lighter beam sections to be used, and in some cases the sleeper wall can be omitted.
  • Celcon floor blocks can increase the speed of installation as their size is equivalent to 2½ times that of normal blocks.
  • The blocks can be easily cut to provide a non-standard infill size, for example for service voids etc.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by H + H Celcon.

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