Aircrete Products and Innovative Building Systems

Celcon aircrete blocks have high load-bearing characteristics, and will support up to four storeys without a structural frame. They provide excellent thermal insulation and airtightness, contributing significantly to satisfying new Part L of the Building Regulations. Celcon blocks also have excellent acoustic insulation characteristics. 100mm blocks will achieve 40dB sound insulation for internal partition walls, comfortably satisfying Part E of the Building Regulations by Pre-Completion Testing or Robust Details methods.

Celcon Construction Systems

H+H Celcon markets a number of cutting edge systems to help the builder:

The Celcon Thin-Joint System combines Celcon's larger Plus block range of high quality, accurately dimensioned blocks with Celfix, a specially developed, quick-setting, thin-layer mortar. This enables the structure of a building to be constructed faster and to a better quality, allowing follow-on trades to start work sooner in a weatherproof environment, while retaining the flexibility of onsite-construction. H+H Celcon’s Thin-Joint System is a recognised MMC and a candidate for Housing Corporation funding.

The Celcon Flooring System offers all the benefits of a suspended floor with all the attributes of aircrete. The unstressed, reinforced elements are cut to length in the factory and quickly installed on site. Excellent thermal performance is obtained and, once grouted, the Celcon Flooring System provides a floor that can be built off immediately.

Rå House is a concept which brings together all of the company’s products and technology to give the client maximum benefit. Operated through a network of H+H Celcon recommended contractors, it utilises teams of expert installers who both provide the materials and complete the airtight, weatherproof masonry shell. It uses Celcon aircrete blocks with the Thin-Joint System, engineered flooring systems and proprietary roofs with Celcon Foundation blocks (optional), and the Celcon Flooring System at ground floor (optional).

The Rå House concept will provide a weatherproof envelope for the average 2-3 bed semi-detached house in about 10 days, with facing brickwork or exterior cladding taken off the critical path completely. It’s a real alternative to timber frame, but with much shorter lead times to site and doesn’t require repetition of the same design to be a feasible solution.

This information has been sourced, reviewed and adapted from materials provided by H + H Celcon.

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