The Advantages of Celcon’s Thin Joint System

Celcon’s Thin-Joint System speeded construction and resulted in an excellent finish on an unusual housing project at Broomfield Road, Faversham, in Kent. The £1.2m project, for Amicus Housing Association, comprised eight retirement bungalows and an eight-bedroom home for young autistic adults.

Celcon’s Solid Wall Solutions

Osbourne’s Solution
16mm Render
250mm Celcon Solar Plus
50mm ThermaLine BASIC
0.29 W/m

Simple Solution One
16mm Render
215mm Celcon Solar Plus
40mm ThermaLine BASIC
0.34 W/m

Simple Solution Two
15mm weber.therm one coat mineral render
30mm Expanded Polystyrene
215mm Celcon Solar Plus
13mm Dense Plaster
0.35 W/m

Attraction of Celcon’s Thin-Joint System

The attraction of Celcon’s Thin-Joint System for this project was that, as all the homes are single or 1 ½ storey, Geoffrey Osborne, the contractor, would be able to go from floor slab to roof plate in a day, considerably increasing the speed of the project. Celfix mortar, the key to Thin-Joint, reaches initial bond strength within 10-20 minutes and full bond strength within 1 – 2 hours. Colin Mitchell, divisional director for housing with Geoffrey Osborne commented that he did not have to wait the traditional next-day for the mortar to set, and was able to get the walls up and envelopes weathertight more quickly, so reducing the construction period overall.

The construction was Celcon ‘Solar’ blocks for the solid external walls and ‘Standard’ blocks for the internal walls. The external walls were finished with a Sto render system applied directly onto the blocks. An unusual feature of the residential home was the curved wall and roof, something the aircrete blocks, easy to cut on site comfortably achieved.

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